Avandia Lawsuits

Avandia lawsuits have resulted because of the serious Avandia side effects that have been reported. When Rezulin diabetes drug was recalled Avandia was intended to replace it as a safer alternative, however the consumer group Public Citizen never recognized Avandia to be a safe alternative. Avandia lawsuits have resulted because serious side effects of using Avandia have surfaced, including congestive heart failure, hepatitis, and liver failure.

Avandia has specifically been linked to extremely serious heart problems when taken along with insulin. Such problems include Avandia-induced heart attacks, Avandia-related cardiac disease and congestive heart failure caused by Avandia. Lawsuits and claims are currently being brought as a result of GlaxoSmithKline’s Avandia causing death or debilitating injuries through the lethal combination of insulin and Avandia.

Since its approval by the FDA, Avandia warning label has been revised to recognize these very serious issues and the drugs ability to cause heart attacks when combined with insulin. Avandia can also cause cardiac disease and congestive heart failure when taken with insulin.. The combination of these two drugs, Avandia and insulin may result in death.