Mesothelioma News Article

January 14, 2004

“Mesothelioma treatment long overdue”

Asbestos lawsuits have been making news since the 60’s for the mesothelioma victims that were given an average survival time of just four to 14 months in the absence of any effective treatment. In 1999, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation was formed for mesothelioma research. The asbestos-related cancer affects thousands of Americans, but the foundation has recently announced it had received a major private gift of $200,000 to specifically go into research and effective treatments for mesothelioma.

Every year, 3,000 more Americans are diagnosed with mesothelioma, and doctors expect the incidence of mesothelioma to increase in the next 20 years. One of the deadliest forms of cancer, mesothelioma has been taking the lives of asbestos-exposed people for decades.