Personal Injury Settlements

Personal injury settlements are offered to an individual or individuals who are injured through the fault or negligence of third party. A personal injury claim involves an injured individual seeking compensation and damages from the person, company, or government institution believed to be at fault. Personal injury claims may be brought on three different legal grounds: negligence, intentional wrong, or strict liability. Depending on the legal grounds of a claim personal injury settlements can provide the means to recover lost funds, acquire the appropriate treatment, and reduce further suffering associated with the personal injury.

In some cases, such as automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and trucking accidents the estimation of damages is standard, and personal injury settlements in those situations may be extremely fair to the person injured and simple to verify. Most insurance companies will offer personal injury settlements almost immediately. In many cases, the personal injury settlements are offered immediately following the injury and even while the injured party is still in the hospital. Most times the insurance company hopes that an attorney has not been consulted then uninformed injured persons may accept personal injury settlements that are far less than the true value of the injury. It is critical that injured persons and their families do not accept any personal injury settlements without contacting an attorney to discuss the amount of the settlement offered.

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