Zimmer Durom Hip Implant Recall

Zimmer Holdings, headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, advertised the Zimmer Durom Hip Implant as new and unique because “it requires less bone removal than with conventional THA, yet provides an increased range of motion with greater stability. Increased range of motion is achieved because the acetabular component subtends 165 degrees as opposed to full hemisphere.” These devices were geared towards young and active candidates for hip replacement surgery.

Approved in 2006 by the United States , this device has been implanted in over 12,000 patients. In July of 2008 Zimmer Holdings announced that it was suspending the sales of the Durom Cup Hip Implant to the United States . This was prompted by the discovery that many of the patients who had used the Zimmer Durom Hip Implant needed revision surgery or more surgery within a minimal amount of time after their first surgery, even though the implant is designed to last 15-20 years. In a press release dated July 22, 2008 Zimmer Holdings stated that some surgeons had reported cup loosenings and revisions of the acetabular component used in hip replacement procedures.

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