Zithromax Lawsuit from Deadly Heart Problem

On May 17, 2012 the US Food & Drug Administration released a statement warning of a potential but deadly side effect from the drug Zithromax. The FDA reported an increased risked in cardiovascular death after taking the drug over other similar antibiotics such as amoxicillin. Zithromax side effects are more prone to happen to individuals who have suffered from:

  • Heart Problems
  • Diabetes
  • Previous Heart Attacks,
  • Bypass surgery
  • Cardiac stents.

Zithromax lawyers are investigating the damages and are seeking individuals who may have been affected to file a Zithromax Lawsuit.

What is Zithromax

Zithromax a drug developed by Phizer INC. also known as Z-pack was introduced on the market as an alternative antibiotic that only needed to be taken for 5 days. Most other antibiotics on the market need to be taken for over 2 weeks. This decrease in the amount of days needed to complete the medication is what gave rise to its fame. With an estimated 55.3 million prescriptions written last year, it is unknown how many people may be affected from a Zithromax heart problem.

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